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If you have any issues you believe the ISC should be aware of, please contact the secretariat. Alternatively,  you may wish to get in touch with member organisations individually.

ISC Secretariat 


Marc Jobling

Assistant Director

Investment Affairs

Association of British Insurers 

51 Gresham Street 

London EC2V 7HQ

Tel: 020 7216 7541





Member organisations



The Association of British Insurers (ABI) represents member companies which hold almost 20 per cent of the London stock market. In total its members have around 1.5 trillion in assets.  The Association has around 400 member companies, between them they provide 94% of domestic insurance services sold in the UK.  The ABI prides itself on thinking for tomorrow, providing solutions to challenges based on the industry’s analysis and understanding of the risks we all face.  The ABI also provides to its members and other investors the Institutional Voting Information Service, which is one of the UK's leading corporate governance reserach providers (

ABI contact: Peter Montagnon

Association of British Insurers

51-55 Gresham Street

London EC2V 7HQ

Tel:  020 7216 7676       Fax:  020 7696 8979




The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) is the trade organisation for the investment company industry. It represents a broad range of closed-ended investment companies, incorporating investment trusts, other closed-ended investment companies (offshore and onshore) and Venture Capital Trusts.  Its mission is to help Members add value for shareholders over the longer term through lobbying, providing technical advice and other communication activities.  The Association has some 300 members, which represents approximately 77% of the sector by assets.

AIC contact: Guy Rainbird

Association of Investment Companies

24 Chiswell Street

London EC1Y 4YY

Tel: 020 7282 5553     Fax: 020 7282 5556





The Investment Management Association (IMA) is the trade body for the UK investment management industry.  Its members provide investment management services to institutions (for example, life assurance companies, pension funds and individual companies) and to private investors, through individual fund management agreements and pooled products such as authorised investment funds.  Between them, IMA’s members manage approximately three trillion pounds worth of assets.  IMA’s remit is to foster the good reputation of the industry to promote a legal, tax and regulatory environment which is appropriate for the needs of asset managers and their customers.


IMA contact: Liz Murrall

Investment Management Association

65 Kingsway

London WC2B 6TD

Tel:  020 7269 4668       Fax:  020 7831 9975





The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) is the representative body for those involved in designing, operating, advising and investing in all aspects of pensions and other retirement provision.  Its 1300 members include large and small companies, multi-employer schemes, local authority and public sector bodies. Together they provide pensions for over 10 million current employees and 5 million people in retirement, and account for more than around 800 billion of pension fund assets.  All scheme types are covered including defined benefit, defined contribution, group personal pensions and statutory schemes such as those in local government.

NAPF contact: David Gould

National Association of Pension Funds

NIOC House

4 Victoria Street

London SW1H 0NX

Tel: 020 7808 1330  Fax: 020 7222 7585



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