Institutional Shareholders' Committee

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Terms of reference
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1.    To provide a forum through which its member organisations may:

        inform each other about their views on issues of concern to institutional shareholders;


        consider whether there are any such matters on which member organisations should co-ordinate their activities or representations to UK Government and regulators; European institutions; and, any other relevant international legislative, regulatory or standard setting bodies; and


        make joint representations on occasion and by mutual agreement.


2.    The Committee may consider any matter affecting or likely to affect the interests of investing institutions in their role as investors (whether in shares or other stock) in companies.

Operational matters

1.   To appoint a Chair and secretariat selected from one of the member organisations to rotate every two years.

2.  To meet at such times as are necessary and at a minimum quarterly.

3.  To have a quorum for any meeting of three organisations represented but all decisions to be unanimous.



Material included on this website is for general information only. The ISC and its constituent members accept no responsibility for decisions taken on the basis of the content of this website.